Fab.com – I am Inspired by Their Key Tenets

136 days is WAY too long to wait between blog posts. The irony of that is that 130 days ago a company called Fab.com did not even exist. I aspire to start a company, yet here I sit waiting 136 days to even write a blog post. Hard work and focus are the keys to success. I continue to learn…

We all know that Twitter is the best way to learn about things happening. Today, I saw that @aplusk had posted a link to a presentation done by the CEO of Fab.com. It is titled “21 things we’re learning at Fab.com – October 2011“.  The 21 things are easy on the surface, but the commitment to them, and the ability to stay focused on them, inspires me.  Thank you Jason Goldberg

If you are interested in getting an invitation to Fab.com, go here –> http://fab.com/whh0t

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