Google Again? Tilt, Askew and Do a Barrel Roll

Seems odd that Google would get my attention two times in two consecutive posts.  But, I have to highlight the good and the bad of Google.  This time – the good.  I have always enjoyed the fun that Google has with updating logo’s.  I will never forget how I used to do battle with a Creative Director with whom I worked.  She always argued that “companies just do not mess with their logo’s – it is a brand, not a toy!”  Of course, I had to prod her back and say that Google was arguably one of the largest brands (at that time not quite what they are now) and keep pushing the “fun” angle.

Today I was alerted to some fun Google is having with search results.  Much like the autocorrect parody’s seen with Word over the years, Google has taken a search result set to a whole new level.  I implore you to try searching on the following terms and enjoy the ensuing results –

  • Tilt
  • Askew
  • Do a barrel roll


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