Be Ready For Heart Attacks

I have written before about paying attention for the signs of a stroke. Although traumatic experiences often cause people to become confused, desperate, and scared, it is extremely important to learn ahead of time ways to identify issues and, when possible, be able to act quickly to minimize long-term effects.

I recently had the pleasure of meeting Patti Frenette. Patti is a spunky entrepreneur based in Dallas that has developed a handy little product that can literally help save your life. That product is called Aspirinpod. Patti developed the concept of Aspirinpod when she was advised of the benefit and immediate impact of aspirin related to heart conditions. Specifically, when a cardiac event is occurring, chewing a single, un-coated 325mg aspirin during the event can minimize the impact on the heart and increase the chance of survival. In fact, the FDA reports that this action not only saves lives, it also decreases heart damage.

When it comes to inventing products, it is important to develop something that is useful, handy, and readily available. Patti created the Aspirinpod with these things in mind. The Aspirinpod is a mini heart – actually shaped like an anatomical heart. It attaches easily to a key-chain  bag-strap  or other accessible accessory. Within the Aspirinpod (which opens like a pendant), can be stored a single Aspirin.

Note, this has to be aspirin (i.e. acetylsalicylic acid), not just any pain reliever.

Immediately, when heart attack symptoms occur, call 9-1-1, then chew the aspirin. Acting quickly and thoughtfully, can save a life and reduce lasting damage.


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