Top 3 Gmail Hacks

If you use Gmail, chances are you did not know of a few features that can truly help you out when it comes to managing your inbox, your outbox, or any aspect of your Gmail account. Whether you use the browser version or rely on POP’ing your e-mail to something like Outlook or your iPad, these three features are indispensable.

  1. Dots – if you have a Gmail address, there is a good chance you signed up with either a concatenated name (e.g., or got “tricky” by adding a dot to it for readability or because it seemed available (e.g.  In actuality, Gmail does not care if, where, or how many dots are in your name. It could be – any iteration will end up delivered to your Gmail inbox. The beauty is that you can then use one e-mail address to pre-filter e-mail. Signing up for e-mail from an eCommerce site – use and set-up a filter in Gmail (or rule in Outlook) to route those to an eCommerce folder.
  2. Ooops – Gmail has a function that allows you to “undo” an e-mail just sent (this is in the browser version). To do so, you have to enable the feature under settings. Settings can be accessed at the top of the mail window (looks sort of like a gear/bolt). From there, hover over settings and click. From there, hover over “Labs” in the top navigation and click. Scroll almost to the bottom (the tools are listed alphabetically) and click the radio button next to “enable”. You are now set to create a “pause” in the send process. The next time an e-mail is written and send is clicked, a yellow bar will appear at the top. If you need to suddenly stop it, click “undo” and you are safe to go back and update your error (or mood/tone). To do the same in Outlook, set up a rule to delay the delivery in the outbox for ‘X’ amount of time.
  3. Timing – Some people are “early”people. Others are”late” people. Want to try to fit in more with when people do and/or expect things? There are tools to allow you to select the send time for your e-mails. In the browser version, you can use Boomerang for Gmail. This is a Firefox/Chrome plug-in that helps you to schedule the optimal time to send. In Outlook, you can use the “delay delivery” function by clicking the proper icon.


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