I am a Fan of This Fanatics Marketing Option

As noted last week in highlighting Einstein Bros. unique marketing option, I am a big fan of cool tools used for marketing in the digital realm. This week I have to raise up Fanatics.com and applaud them for their clever use of calendar tools in an e-mail for their Friends & Family event.


I have often thought it would be great to add an “add to calendar” function into a digital marketing piece. Granted, a majority of the population probably does not know how to use the tools or the technology – but, for those who do, it is such a great way to be prompted to remember a promotion or a specific time to make a purchase. In this case, Fanatics added a .ics file link and a bold red “REMIND ME!” prompt.

I used the link ad added it to my calendar. Sure enough, on the right day, at the appointed time, I was treated to a great discount on a purchase for one of my favorite NFL teams – The Seattle Seahawks.

I will find a way to use this in a future marketing campaign.

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