For CardSpur, here is our basic pitch –

Consumers struggle to use gift cards to get meaningful gifts and often the cards go unused. Retailers want people to use the cards more often. Why? Because, on average, consumers spend ~17% more than the card balance when making purchases. Likewise, consumers convert at a much higher rate online when offers and coupons are available. Combining offers with gift cards give the consumers and the retailers more value in a much more likely transaction. Revenue is generated from commissions on sales.

In order to help us out (if you are interested in helping us with a rating), I broke down the process into its steps, grabbed some screenshots, and am providing some commentary to help the process. Thank you again, in advance, for any help you can provide. If you have any additional questions, please let me know.


  • After clicking, a dialogue box opens. Click on the “sign up now” (no information is needed under username or password)



  • After clicking on “Sign up now”, another dialogue box opens. Likely the easiest way to sign up is to “Sign up with Email” – click on “Sign up with Email”  (unless you are more comfortable with Linkedin or Facebook)



  • This will then expand into a sign-up box. Enter whatever information you like (the birthdate box is just a check to make sure the person is over 13 – so enter anything). Complete by clicking the “sign up” box (not Login).



This should add your rating (whichever star choice you made). Look for a blue box at the top thanking you for the rating. If that does not exist, or you want to change your rating, hover over the star choice and click. This will set the rating again (but only one counts). You will not see your rating in the list until you log out. You can log out in the upper right corner by clicking on “My Account” and then Logout –


Thank you again. I will update you once the competition completes to let you know if we won.



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