AMEX + Local Small Business = $25 Saturday November 24, 2012

American Express is running a very rich offer the day after Black Friday (Saturday, this November 24th) this year.

All you have to do is register your American Express card at their Shop Small Business page. Once done, you will get your one-time $25 statement credit from American Express when you use your enrolled Card to spend $25 or more in a single, in-store transaction at a qualifying small business location.  Visit for information about qualifying small business locations.

Small businesses are the heartbeat of our communities and supporting them is a great way to help fuel the local economy.

For Offer Terms visit:

Google Again? Tilt, Askew and Do a Barrel Roll

Seems odd that Google would get my attention two times in two consecutive posts.  But, I have to highlight the good and the bad of Google.  This time – the good.  I have always enjoyed the fun that Google has with updating logo’s.  I will never forget how I used to do battle with a Creative Director with whom I worked.  She always argued that “companies just do not mess with their logo’s – it is a brand, not a toy!”  Of course, I had to prod her back and say that Google was arguably one of the largest brands (at that time not quite what they are now) and keep pushing the “fun” angle.

Today I was alerted to some fun Google is having with search results.  Much like the autocorrect parody’s seen with Word over the years, Google has taken a search result set to a whole new level.  I implore you to try searching on the following terms and enjoy the ensuing results –

  • Tilt
  • Askew
  • Do a barrel roll – I am Inspired by Their Key Tenets

136 days is WAY too long to wait between blog posts. The irony of that is that 130 days ago a company called did not even exist. I aspire to start a company, yet here I sit waiting 136 days to even write a blog post. Hard work and focus are the keys to success. I continue to learn…

We all know that Twitter is the best way to learn about things happening. Today, I saw that @aplusk had posted a link to a presentation done by the CEO of It is titled “21 things we’re learning at – October 2011“.  The 21 things are easy on the surface, but the commitment to them, and the ability to stay focused on them, inspires me.  Thank you Jason Goldberg

If you are interested in getting an invitation to, go here –>

Good Luck Finding Turbotax Coupons

So many people search on the term Turbotax Coupons. However, there is no way to input a coupon code on their site. The best way to save is to go to sites like DealNews or and look for Turbotax coupon codes.  That said, Turbotax is still far and away the best software on the market for DIY tax preparation.  I got my return done faster this year.  With less “found errors” at the end of the process, I felt that Turbo Tax did a better job of walking me through than last year.

We Will, We Will, Roku

I just saw that my colleague, and esteemed technolgy content coordinator at DealTaker, Josh post about his experience with the Roku player that he got just before the holidays.  It reminded me that I never did post my experience with one I received as a present in the middle of 2010.

Roku is only 4.74 inches wide

Why this thing is flying under the radar is beyond me.  It is small, simple to use, relatively cheap ($60 – $100 depending on features and specs) and as Josh mentioned, the streaming picture quality for Netflix is great.  I have yet to venture off to other channels available because there is such a breadth of movies available on Netflix.  Not to be to salesy, but my 4-year-old has matered using it and we occasionally find him sitting there watching his favorite Ironman or Justice League movies.

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