RateThat Swag – Google Color Ball

In this edition of “Rate That Swag”, I am going with the Google Color Ball – I don’t know what else to call it.  It is a white translucent ball with a small button on the bottom and a battery.  I received it at the Google Dance at the Santa Clara SMX show in February 2008. 

Google Color Ball

When the button is pushed once, it turns on and glows green.  Pushing it again turns it off.  The next push of the button yields a green glowing ball.  I  found out, by dropping it, that if it is on and receives some sort of impact, it will then fade in green, then red, then flash and then turn off.  Kind of fun.  It is on my desk at work and everyone cannot help but to play with it.  Interesting note, one of my colleagues noted that this was the first time they saw a piece of Google swag that did not have its trademark multi-color logo.