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Pick, Click, Ship

By kstraw from Frisco, TX on 7/10/2012


5out of 5

Pros: Easy to Order, Long Lasting Filter, Easy To Clean, Easy To Install, Clean Taste, Durable, Great Prices, Quick shipping

Best Uses: Replacement, Improving Taste, Improving Water Quality

Describe Yourself: Budget Shopper

Primary use: Personal

The site made it easy to find my exact filter needed for my refrigerator. Check-out was simple. I ordered in bulk to save on shipping and to get a slightly better discount. Easily beats driving to the store to pay full retail price.


Yo Joe – Joe’s New Balance Outlet

New Balance Outlet StoreOur school runs a used uniform sale every year.  While there, a discussion about shoes came up and how fast the kids go through shoes.  Luckily, our school has a white shoe/black shoe policy – i.e. only all white or all black shoes are allowed.  This helps to cut down on kids wearing shoes that are too tricked out.  As such, I shared that we buy our shoes from the Joe’s New Balance Outlet.  I learned about them while I was running a deals and coupons website.  I can often find shoes under $25 for kids (great disposable price), that are durable.  To help save time and money, I buy them in flights all at once (6,7,8, etc).  That way I get great shoes at a great price (and usually with free shipping over a threshold).  I stick them in the closet and when the shoes look to dilapidated or don’t fit, voila – new shoes (without the trip to the store and the guessing game of what kind).

Great Comfort Food in Richmond, VA

Our parent company for is in Richmond, VA.  Our team was there the week before last and were treated to dinner at a local restaurant called Comfort on Broad Street.  The restaurant itself was homey and relaxing.  The home-cooked food was amazing.  From the Surrey Sausage for an appetizer to the mouth-watering pulled pork (I had the mashed potatoes and macaroni & cheese for sides) to the chocolate mousse, every bite was awesome.  When in town there, definitely check it out.

The BMW Welt is Amazing

When it comes to German automakers, I have always tended to appreciate Porsche more amongst the others.  Thanks to a friend of mine, and a visit to the Nurburgring in 2007, I have a strong fondness for the Porsche Cayman.  However, on my most recent trip to Munich, I found myself at the BMW Welt (BMW World – pronounced “BMV Velt” in German).  BMW Welt Munich GermanyJust walking in and looking around is amazing (and that is free).  They have all the current cars and styles.  The building is an architectural wonder.  They show off their technology in an interactive way.  And there is even a guy that rides and does motorcycle stunts in the building as the patrons watch (rides through the building, up and down the stairs, quite surreal).

BMW Wely Delivery AreaWithin the building is also the delivery area for customers that come to the plant to pick up new vehicles.  The cars are delivered to the second floor via an elevator (right off the assembly line) where a specialist walks the new drivers through the amenities of the vehicle.

We lucked out and were also able to get into the BMW Factory Tour.  The cost is only 6 Euros and lasts a little over 2 hours.  We were able to get into an English speaking tour and the guide uses a microphone to communicate to headsets we all wear so nothing is missed.  We got to see steel being pressed into parts, robots assemble components, the paint shop, internal assembly, and the end of the line where the cards are finalized and tested.  It really is the epitome of German manufacturing.

While I still like the Porsche Cayman, I am now a BMW fan.  I don’t know that I will ever buy one, but I will always take a look at them.  Before, I saw BMW’s as an overstatement by those that probably could not afford them.  I now see them as well built machines – several of which I stood less than 100 feet from while being built.  The BMW Welt experience coupled with the plant tour shows that BMW has an end-to-end understanding of marketing and building customer engagement.

BMW Welt Red Z4

Rent a Ski Condo

While the primary season from renting a ski condo has passed, I find it interesting that traffic to a domain I own – – continues to remain steady.  Do people look for ski condo’s year round for recreation other than skiing?  I could understand searching on more specific things like Vail Condo or Mountain Condo.  Of course, those may be highly sought as well and are peaking higher than the steady

Yahoo! Certified Mail – Why So Difficult?!?!

I work for a company that primarily sells online.  As such, we often send out e-mails to our opted in customers, and occasionally to those that have requested information.  In this day and age of SPAM and “reputation values” for e-mail, getting into the INBOX is important.

This week I got an e-mail in my Yahoo! mailbox that had a small blue ribbon next to it.  At the top of the e-mail it says – “This is a certified e-mail from “”.  Learn More (as a hyperlink).  So I clicked to learn more because I thought it could be a valuable tool for our own e-mail.  That led to the oddest exchange of e-mails I have had with a company from whom I would like to buy a service.

After clicking on “Learn More”, I then clicked on the “contact cutomer care” button.  In the box I write – “I would like more information to set up my company for CertifiedEmail”.  I get the standard – “we will be with you in 24 hours” response.  Then, about 24 hours later I get a note from customer care that says –

“Hello Kevin,

Thank you for writing to Yahoo! Mail.

We’re not really clear on the problem that you are having. Can you
describe it in more detail? We’ll be happy to help.

Be sure to check the Official Yahoo! Mail Blog for more information and
the latest updates about Yahoo! Mail!




Yahoo! Customer Care

I am thinking, Ok this has been fed to a AI responder and “Certified Mail” does not compute.  Interesting that they named their computer William.

I responded with “No problem.  I would like more information to set up my company for CertifiedEmail. I got an e-mail from another company with a blue ribbon by it and a header statement that said it was CertifiedMail. I would like to get CertifiedMail for my company”.

Another program joins the fray – this time named David –


Thank you for writing to Yahoo! Mail.

We understand you have issues affecting your Yahoo! Mail account.  We’re
glad to be of assistance.  To help us get a better understanding of the
issue, please reply with the following details:

1. Please describe all the actions you took leading up to the problem,
and include what functions you had wished to accomplish.

2. If you’re seeing an error message, please include the exact text of
the error messaging.  It’s important that you include the entire error
message for our analysis.

3. Describe how often the issue occurs and provide any other relevant

Once we get your response, we’ll be happy to look into the issue.  We
look forward to hearing from you soon.

Be sure to check the Official Yahoo! Mail Blog for more information and
the latest updates about Yahoo! Mail!


It has been a pleasure assisting a valuable customer like you. Have a
nice day!



Yahoo! Customer Care

At this point, I now don’t really care about CertifiedMail from Yahoo!  I am thinking about writing back and asking “how valuable of a customer am I?”

Funny Customer Service Item

I have a colleague at work that brought an interesting customer service point to my attention today.  Now I am not saying that I have ever provided perfect customer service all the time, so I am merely pointing this out for reference sake.

 My colleague ordered an item from Hi-Style via the Amazon website.  The company sent the wrong item – trust me, it happens.  Rather than go through a big hassle of returning the “similar, but wrong” item, she kept it.  When prompted for feedback by the company, she provided a review that included exactly what happened.

The company is now hounding my colleague because she will not remove her assessment (true and valid assessment).  They think that because she did not want to go through a hassle of returning the item that their service is compete and satisfactory.

I completely side with my colleague that she should stick with her assessment.  Plus, she has also been a star customer service representative with our company, so she knows the score.

Hi-Style should accept the assessment, learn from it, and move on.  After all, had it been handled correctly the first time I know a stellar assessment would have been made.

Believe me when I say that I take this point to heart for future service that I and my company will provide.