Hello.  My name is Kevin Strawbridge.

For year #3, I’ve committed to participating in the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer along with our amazing team – Affiliate Marketers Give Back.  Each year, we select a new walk for the dozen or so that Avon produces.  This year, we are headed to the Mountains – The Rocky Mountains.  As in years past, our team sets a high goal for fundraising and then work to beat it.  We are usually a top 5 team raising funds, and this year will be no exception.  I have set my goal at $4,000 (less time to raise this year) and want to smash it.  You can see my Avon where tax-deductible donations can be made by credit card – Kevin Strawbridge Avon Walk Donation Page

It’s a big commitment, one that has required me to spend lots of time training.  At the beginning of the year (1/1/2011), I set a plan to walk 5X5X50 – 5 miles a day, 5 days per week, for 50 weeks.  I have not stopped yet this year – over 550 miles walked while training (See that progress here – http://www.dailymile.com/people/kstraw1).

But breast cancer is a big disease, one that still affects far too many people, and I’m determined to do everything I can to help put an end to it. The money I raise will be managed and disbursed by the Avon Foundation Breast Cancer Crusade to help provide access to care for those that most need it, fund educational programs, and accelerate research into new treatments and potential cures. I’ll be just one of thousands of people that will walk up to a marathon and a half over a weekend, raising awareness of the cause and educating even more people.

I can’t do it without your help. Though I’m required to raise at least $1,800 in donation, I plan to raise much more!

I hope that I can count on your support.

You can make a donation to my fundraising campaign right here on the website by clicking on the pink “Donate Now” button. If you prefer to write a check, just contact me and I’ll send you the information and form.

As I prepare for this exciting event, I plan to update my blog – http://mindcradle.wordpress.com/kstraw-walks-avon-walk/ so that all my supporters can follow my progress, so please visit often.

Thank you in advance.

Kevin Strawbridge


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