Retail is Pulling Out All The Stops – Black Friday II, Green Monday, what’s next?

I got an e-mail from  the other day.  Nothing special about that.  I get one from them everyday.  They always have one offer that is compelling enough that I allow them to continue to market to me.  Plus, I am still in awe of how they handled the passing of Darin Fralick.  Anyway, the title of the e-mail was “Black FridayII” – as if one Black Friday is not enough.  Interesting approach, but the sequel is never as good as the original.

Now, this week, I am also seeing references to “Green Monday” – so new apparentlythat kspocketout1Wikipedia does not even have a definition yet (at least for the online shopping verison).  The suggestion is that while “Cyber Monday” is big for online shopping, “GreenMonday” is bigger because it is actually the bigger sales day as people close in on final purchases.  According to, this is also the point where “merchants begin to message urgency“.

I will be curious to see which day is picked as the next fulcrum to help tip the sales into the retailers favor – “Buy Now Thursday”, “Spend, Spend Saturday”. – A Tribute to Darin Fralick

I am a frequent customer of and have purchased many items from them since the day they opened their website on the front-end of the dotcom boom.  With each purchase, my loyalty grew for them because of the great deals, the well-built site, and their amazing ability to deliver what I ordered in a very timely manner.

Tonight I again turned to the site for a needed electronics purchase.  Something new was at the top of the site right next to the logo – A black ribbon and “Darin Fralick 1979 – 2008“.  I felt compelled to click the link and was touched to read the tribute that was showing for a colleague who had passed.  I respect and admire that took the time and effort to memorialize one of their own in such a way.

Having been in e-commerce for many years, I have never seen a company go out of its way in such a public display.  We often talk about our web “real estate”, focus on marketing efforts, and work to continuously drive sales. set that aside and recognized a friend.  While I am sure it is not their intent, my loyalty has now grown.  I did not know Darin, but I extend my deepest sympathies to his family and friends.