Getting Back to Even – Cramer

Some love him, some hate him; many have no idea who Jim Cramer is.  Mr. Cramer is an energetic, knowledgeable, pragmatic stock and investment aficionado.  Two years ago I read his book “Stay Mad” that highlighted conservative ways to get into the stock market and make money realistically.  Then a little thing called “The Great Recession” came along.  Though I was not heavily invested in the market, many took major hits to their long-built financial portfolios.  Cramer came out with a new book to address how to get square again – “Getting Back to Even”.  In it, he suggests ways to take advantage of depressed stock prices, but to be smart in evaluating those stocks to avoid getting caught up in the wrong mentality – greed.  The best advice I read (and will soon be putting to use) is to only own as many stocks as you can comfortably do one hour of research and homework on per week.  He says five is the typical amount.  I have recently subscribed to his daily TV show that is available on video podcast via the iTunes store.  Check him out.