It is Winter….

DFW Plane De-icingDallas enjoys relatively moderate temperatures in the winter.  Sure we get an occasional snow here and there (1″ or less usually).  I have flown in and out of Dallas many times during the winter and have never actually seen a de-icing truck used there.  Today the temp dropped to 32 degrees just after noon.  And the performance began.  So, I snapped this pic from seat 9B on American flight 1180 just to show that those trucks do get used. 

After watching the military-like  precision efforts of the ORD ground crews through the winter of 2004, I have to say this was like watching ice skating on carpet.  But, in the end, American provided a safe plane and a good flight.

Welcoming Back Our Troops at DFW

This morning, bright and early, our family joined four other families from our Sunday School class and another 300 people at DFW Airport to welcome home troops.  They were arriving back stateside for two weeks of rest and relaxation (R&R).  We were outside the international arrivals section of Gate D22 on the lower level.

We currently have one family member serving in the military – Joseph Henry Gill.  Most of his time has been spent in Afghanistan, but he will probably be deployed to Iraq on his next tour.  We did not go to see Joe come home – he is back and waiting to go again, but rather we went just to go and show our support of the heroic efforts our military is putting up around the world.

Say what you will about our the current state of our country’s stance on security, dimplomacy, and standing in the world, but our people are still volunteering to join the armed forces and serve.  Therefore, in my opinion, we should be serving them as well by going out and just saying thanks, shaking hands, and showing support.

The best takeaway for me from this morning was the smiles on the faces of the soldiers as they came through the doors and the crowd clapped, cheered, and embraced them.  I am sure many just wanted to be on their way, but every soldier, down to the last one, accepted the appreciation, smiled, and walked a little taller. 

Thank you troops.  My appreciation runs deep.