My Two Favorite Holiday Cards of 2008

For one year of my professional career, greeting cards were my life.  Working at, every time I got a card I quickly flipped it over to see the manufacturer hoping that someone had thought to buy from CardsDirect.  This holiday season, we got a lot of cards, but for a change we just enjoyed them for the message they brought and the memories shared.  The friends, families and colleagues we have in our lives are amazing – we are truly blessed.  From all the cards received, I have picked out two – both hand made – that I wanted to share with all.

The first is from our dear friend, amazing designer, and inspirational Liz Wain Original Greeting Card Frontpersonality – Liz Wain.  For those who do not know Liz, I had the pleasure of working with her about 4 years ago where we cultivated an enduring friendship.  Liz Wain Designs (mostly top of bed, linens, and some furniture) gathered quite a following in the late 90’s – early 00’s and could be found at Neiman Marcus, Barney’s and more.  We have some Liz Wain Liz Wain Original Greeting Card Backoriginals in bedding for our kids.  Now, we have a Liz Wain original greeting card – a business she needs to get into!!  Made out of recycled, corrugated cardboard and adorned with a hand cut piece of denim symbolizing peace, it is simple and sophisticated – and now treasured.

Hancrafted snowmen cardThe second card is also hand crafted and comes from a family we have gotten to know in the last year.  I wish I could share who it is, but he works for an aforementioned card company and handcrafted cards are akin to a Pepsi executive drinking Coca-Cola.  With real buttons on the snowmen and hand glued ribbons and papers, it is a keeper.

Dog Days of “Work” Summer

Here it is 11:00 at night and it is still 85 degrees in Texas.  Not too bad, but the long, hot days are a far cry from growing up on the west coast.  Work has been crazy busy this summer as well at  Usually slow around there, we are gearing up for a busy Holiday season this year and the plan is to stay at full steam so that we are in stride when the peak hits mid-Fall.  What I am most excited about are the two primary greeting cards that should sell like gangbusters – Photo Cards and Recycled Cards.  I am particulary proud that we are taking an eco view this year.  After all, we sell paper.  To balance out our “footprint” we are selling cards printed on on 100% post consumer paper.  This design is my favorite because the design is actually using recycle icons –

  Recycled Christmas Card