Josh Hamilton – Two Weeks in Baseball

Josh Hamilton is an amazing person – and an amazing ballplayer.  As happens in baseball, streaks are a common occurrence.  Players will slump for a period of time, and then break out for no reason.  Conversely players may hit everything in sight only to fall back to baseball average.  Such was the case for Josh over a short, two-week period.  He reached the pinnacle of performance and then came back to his average play – all in 14 days.  Here are the stats of interest:

May 7 – 13 – Josh hit .467 with 9 home runs and 18 RBI.  This included one game with 4 home runs, 8RBI and 18 total bases (the first tied a record and the last is a new A.L. record).  This is an incredible week by pretty much all standards.  With every great accomplishment comes an offset to bring things back into a state of equilibrium.

May 14 – 20 – Josh hit .318 with no home runs and 3 RBI.  The average is more average, but the home runs and RBI dropped way down.  Despite this, Josh remains a leader in most categories in baseball.

Above all was how Josh handled the ebb and flow of the game.  He worked hard, played hard, respected the game and stayed positive.  What a joy he has been for the Rangers and DFW sports.

Josh Hamilton – Live at Prestonwood

Awhile back, I posted about Josh Hamilton and how he is an example.  Yesterday, Josh Hamilton came and spoke in person as a part of Prestonwood Baptist Church’s Power Lunch.

Here is what is amazing – there is really no reason the guy should be in baseball again but for the power of God.  Josh detailed his becoming a Christian at 18, his short ascent into notoriety and long descent into drugs that has gobbled up many more athletes than I can spend time naming here.  At the bottom, his faith and the faith of his grandmother brought him back to a life that he can now live.

He seems like such a regular guy and his testimony that he will always speak of his devotion to the Lord resounds mightily.  In front of 5,000 people, he was at ease and joking around while detailing things most would never want shared.  He wants to share and he wants to succeed – not at baseball, but at life and in his beliefs.  It is no wonder he is establishing himself as a leader that transcends sports, celebrity, and church.

Again I say – Thank you Josh!!

WOW – Josh Hamilton IS an Example

I was sitting in church at Prestonwood Baptist Church back in March of this year when Dr. Jack Graham ended a sermon by referencing Josh Hamilton – a new player to the Texas Rangers who had just had an awesome Spring Training.  He recognized the skills of Hamilton on the field, but said that paled in comparison to the tribulations he had overcome in his personal life.

Josh Hamilton

Josh Hamilton

 At the time, I took note of Dr. Graham’s reference and have stayed intrigued by how Hamilton continues to propel himself forward on the field while staying humble to his recovery.

Last night, Josh Hamilton took a monster step forward when he amazed an All-Star crowd at Yankee Stadium with 28 home runs in the first round of the Home Run Derby.  As I saw the home runs he hit fly out of the stadium, I was in awe at how he handled himself – again, humility and appreciation.

As a former athlete, my appreciation for his skills is indescribable.  As a Christian, my admiration for his faith and perseverance is undeniable.  I pray for his continued recovery both on and off the field.

Thanks Josh!!