Retail is Pulling Out All The Stops – Black Friday II, Green Monday, what’s next?

I got an e-mail from  the other day.  Nothing special about that.  I get one from them everyday.  They always have one offer that is compelling enough that I allow them to continue to market to me.  Plus, I am still in awe of how they handled the passing of Darin Fralick.  Anyway, the title of the e-mail was “Black FridayII” – as if one Black Friday is not enough.  Interesting approach, but the sequel is never as good as the original.

Now, this week, I am also seeing references to “Green Monday” – so new apparentlythat kspocketout1Wikipedia does not even have a definition yet (at least for the online shopping verison).  The suggestion is that while “Cyber Monday” is big for online shopping, “GreenMonday” is bigger because it is actually the bigger sales day as people close in on final purchases.  According to, this is also the point where “merchants begin to message urgency“.

I will be curious to see which day is picked as the next fulcrum to help tip the sales into the retailers favor – “Buy Now Thursday”, “Spend, Spend Saturday”.

Black Friday is BIG – Cyber Monday is BIGGER

Now that the holiday season is officially here for 2008 (Yes, it is a late Thanksgiving by most years’ standards) the two biggest shopping days of the year happen in the next 96 hours. Those days are Black Friday and Cyber Monday.  Being around retail the last 10 years or so, I know how big of a time this is for retailers big and small.  This year has an even bigger feel to it with the economic conditions that are provoking some retail companies either into bankruptcy or contemplating it.Black Friday Shopping

Much earlier than usual, I have seen Black Friday Ads popping up all over the place.  Notably, I have also heard less claims of legal action against websites posting “leaked” ads this year.  I think that definitely signifies that retailers are willing to accept all help in marketing at all costs.  Sites like that conglomerate ads into one spot are a great way for shoppers to plan for the big shopping day in the stores.  Stores like JCPenney, Sears, Toys R Us, and others have ads that are posted with some really good deals.

Cyber Monday ShoppingNot being one to go from store to store on the busiest day of the year, I tend to wait for Cyber Monday and all the great deals that will be had that day as well.  Instead of fighting everyone for parking, the last Wii, and a spot in line at the food court, I will sit at my desk and price comparison shop and find even better deals.  Most of those items will then be shipped right to me or my intended recipient (often with Free Shipping).

Alas, a Happy Thanksgiving to all.  Eat well, shop hard, and enjoy those around you.