CheapTweet – Deals on Twitter

Those of you who know me know that social marketing and media is a big part of my life.  I tweet on Twitter.  I friend on Facebook.  I link on Linkedin.  Thanks to Kevin Koym, I met Hayes Davis today – he works for CheapTweet.  Now there is a way that e-commerce (specifically deals) can cross over to the social media realm in a usable fashion.  My company (DealTaker – a great place for online coupons) is proud to be one of the first members on CheapTweet.  And here is our badge to prove it –

dealtaker on CheapTweet

SMX Social Media Day 2 – Long Beach

As mentioned for day 1 of the SMX Social Media Conference in Long Beach, Day 2 was equally as impressive.  Day 1 was more of the nuts and blots of the tools available.  Day 2 was more about how we as marketers can use these tools to enhance communities.  And I am careful to use the words “to enhance communities”.  Social Media and Social Marketing should not be about clubbing customers or prospects over the head with shotgun marketing messages.  It should be about creating a conversation, cultivating relationships, and delivering results.

I have pulled from dormancy many of my social web 2.0 accounts now that I have a better context for them.  This includes:

  • Twitter – – a great way to micro blog and keep contacts informed
  • Digg – – rate items of interest – articles, blog posts, and more
  • Reddit – – reddit is a source for what’s new and popular online.  Vote on links that you like or dislike and help decide what’s popular, or submit your own!

All of these are great ways to keep up with information and people.  It also provides opportunities to update others as well.

I enjoyed hearing Jason Calacanis, Randy Woods, Jimmy Wales and Michael Gray.  Too bad Vanessa Fox was not there.

Again, I would highly recommend attending this show for anyone looking to build marketing relationships.

BTW…make sure to get the 4×4 at In-n-Out when in Cali…LB INO